Watershed is that rare moment in human history when people, ideas and values align and unite to achieve something remarkable.

On Wednesday, 22 March – World Water Day 2017 – Pope Francis will inspire a global conversation that will help shift how the world values and understands its single most precious resource: water. WATERSHED will be launched on World Water Day immediately following a Papal Audience on Piazza San Pietro at 10:30 a.m. CET. WATERSHED will be the first in a series of programmes and activities slated for the next five years.

Following the General Audience with Pope Francis, an exceptional amalgam of people from every walk of life and every corner of the globe will initiate an extraordinary exchange of ideas around the global water crisis. Experiences will be shared, opinions formed, and solutions presented. The objective is to align global perception with the immediate reality that water is the trigger for unrest and instability, as well as an opportunity for resolution and collaboration.

WATERSHED’s line-up of inspirational speakers, scientists, youth, and business leaders will be live-streamed from the Vatican for a globally connected audience that is invited to digitally share stories of their struggles, their hopes, and their fears about the world’s water supplies. This audience will bring new voices, content, stories, art, media and workable solutions to light.

WATERSHED will consist of four main efforts:

  1. A dynamic, interactive convening of men and women with a stake in the global water crisis immediately following the Papal Audience.
  2. A global social media conversation among the public that encourages them to share compelling stories about their water values via #MyWaterStory, as well as public participation in a live broadcast of the events and activities.
  3. An expert workshop that brings together different perspectives and objectives concerning water issues.
  4. An unforgettable sensory and virtual reality experience inside “The Miracle Molecule.” A larger-than-life model of an H2O molecule that brings water risks to life. Launching in Rome for the week beginning 20 March, it will become a traveling experience to educate the world.

Everyone has a Water Story: What is yours?

It’s a story of love, hope, abundance, beauty, scarcity, excess, life, death. It’s your water story.

What is its value?
What are your values?
What does water mean to you?
What role does water play in your daily life?

Your water stories will show the world how water affects your life, community and culture.

To share your water story, explore the six water themes. Each theme features prompts that ask you to submit a story using different media types (social media, video, audio, photos, drawings and multimedia). Share your stories on social media using the hashtag #MyWaterStory or upload your files here.

Learn how you can share your water story.


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